Surviving Middle School

"Surviving" middle school can be hard work! The demands are much different than those in elementary school. School work is more challenging, relationships can be difficult, conflicts with peers can take over your entire day, you are becoming a young man or woman with more responsibilities and it is time to begin thinking ahead! The choices you make in middle school are important. We are here to help!

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The best advice for navigating middle school relationships (and this comes from fellow middle schoolers) is:

"make and keep a few close friends"
"try your best to STAY OUT OF DRAMA"
"stay positive but when you feel negative or very sad reach out to a friend, your school counselor, or an adult in the building that you feel as though you can talk to"
"get involved with school activities"
"make the right choice on social media. don't post things you will regret and don't give away information about yourself"
"have confidence. you are perfect just the way you are and don't try to be someone else just to make others like you"
"if someone is bullying you, report it, there are ways to handle it"
"it will get better"

As if academics, teachers, and parents weren't enough to balance in middle school, so too must you navigate relationships!‚Äč Relationships may be the biggest challenge! You are trying hard to figure out who you are and who your friends are, how to handle social media, how to fit in or be unique, how to solve problems with friends on your own and how to deal with frenemies.

Middle school classes can be challenging. You are traveling from room to room about seven times in one day, everyday! At times it may be hard to keep track of your things and to keep your materials organized. Use your Enrichment time wisely and remember that many teachers are available after school to help you. Reach out to them and ask for support.

The Future
Middle School is the perfect time to begin to think about your future. The exciting possibilities are endless! Visit WaytoGoRI to begin to explore what the future could have in store for you!